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The Pride

Another good, low budget and less famed movie released early this year. Packed with some good actors like Rahul Bose, Kay Kay Menon, Javed Jaffrey and Seema Biswas. A real good work by director Samar Khan after his debut movie Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye which got released in 2005.

The plot of movie is really very interesting where a junior army officer kills his senior officer. Rahul Bose and Javed Jaffrey are lawyers in the Indian Army and stands against each other. Rahul Bose is defending his client Javed Khan and he is helped closely by Minissha Lamba who is a journalist for a news paper in Kashmir valley.

A nice movie to watch.


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3:10 to Yuma

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This is one of the best western movies i ever saw. The main reason is some outstanding performances by the cast led by Russell Crowe as a bad guy. First time i saw him as a bad guy though in ‘Good Year’ also he was a sort of bad guy only. 

Once again Christian Bale proved himself, it was very tough to judge who was the best performer out of Crowe and Bale. 

The best part what i likes about the movie is …the kind of support Crowe gives to Bale to carry out his mission. As he was well aware that Bale never performed through out his life. Lost his leg by getting hit by a bullet that too from his own fellow mate, got nothing from the government side as the compensation and neither he got the kind of respect from his family. Sending Crowe to Yuma and earn a good honest living for his family was the only mission for Bale and he was given all kind of respect and support from Crowe and Bales own kid.

Over all a good movie to watch.

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A wonderful movie.

Lot of people say the movie is inspired by another movie The Bucket List but i am not sure about that. Whatever is the case Dasvidaniya is an amazing movie mixture of some good acting by Vinay Pathak, good direction on debut by Shashant Shah and lovely music by Kailash Kher.

I feel this movie is very close to the lives of a normal common man. Whose heart is full of dreams and ambitions but due to one or other reasons he is not able to follow them and the one who is able to do that is no longer a common man. That what this movie shows how shy Amar Kaul transforms from a normal common man to a unique personality by just doing 10 simple things he dreamed of.

Hope to see some more movies like Dasvidaniya.

do svidania

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Not that easy

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This is my first blog and as the title says its not that easy to write your first one. There is nothing in the name better will be naam mai kya rakha hai. I just selected the title “Pehchan” because i wanted a meaning full and single word title.

I am big fan of watching movies though i hardly go to a movie theater to watch them but still i love watching them. I consider watching movies as one of the main part of my life and my blog is totally dedicated to them.

I am too inspired by the new movie Dasvidaniya and that’s one of the main reasons for writing this blog. Do what you want to do before……

Let’s do it…

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