Slumdog Millionaire

January 15, 2009 at 12:18 pm (movies) ()

How to become a Millionaire –

Slumdog Millionaire a movie which is yet to be released in India though whole movie is based and shooted in India. Movie is in news right from the time it is released in US. There are few of reasons for that.

1. A.R. Rahman – once again he proved himself

2. Kon banay ga Crorepati – India version of Who want to be a Millionaire

3. Story of the movie – which is based on the novel of Vikas Swarup

4. Screenplay – the way slums of Mumbai are brought live on the big screen. Amazing work by Simon Beaufoy

5. Good acting by all the actors

All the above points are the strong points about the movie. Slumdog is expected to won an Oscar especially after its superb performance in Golden Globes Award where the movie was shortlisted in 4 categories and it managed to get award in all 4 categories.

The way movie goes from first question to last one and the way director is able to carry the whole movie with those questions is really amazing.

All the best for the Oscar.


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