Rocket Singh movie of the year?

January 10, 2010 at 1:18 pm (movies)

A well made movie but for sure not the movie of the year with 3 idiots and wake up sid in list. I would say its in best 10 of the year.

Started very nicely by showing Ranbir as an average person who learns over the period of time. He is not exactly a born sales man but picks up the skill very fast and in a very different way from others. He understands that there is another way of doing business and tries to implement it. That is the turning point of the movie where his own practice and thoughts are neglected and disapproved by his own office.

This is what generally happens in lots of situations with common man where he is not allowed to do what he want to and what is good for others. He is told to do what is good for the interest of the company. But here a new ROCKET is born who only wants to fly high on the wings of honesty and hard work opposites to others approach.

No doubt movie have some good points for young entrepreneurs who can learn how to sell their ideas and products.

Over all a nice movie to watch with a good message.


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